Michaela Kühn

My role as a project auditor

Are you looking for a mentor (coach) to developing your working project team into a highly effective team? In most projects, lessons learned are only recurring tasks on meeting agendas. Lessons learned need controlled routines. Routines help your teams to easily exchange recurring issues into valueable experiences and success stories. As a mentor, I will accompany you and your group in all situations of the project life cycle. My work here looks like this:
  • Designing your workshops
  • Planning and execution of goal-oriented meetings
  • Create a target roadmap
  • Planning and execution of project audits
  • Plan, Create and organize Templates
  • Checking and adjusting of your internal processes
  • Experienced project managers get "intellectual" exchange
  • Roles and responsibilities in a project are defined

As a mentor I am independent and possess independent industry, functional and cross-thematic knowledge, partly from my tool-based training as well as from my communications and project management experiences.



Mentor versus Coach

As a mentor I support your team in developing routines and processes. My experiences are my guide and as a mentor I am allowed to lead your team into one direction..

The coach helps her candidate in her personal development and to build on their skills and competencies.