Michaela Kühn



Any results, ideas and discussions presented visually, is my personal passion.

My passions can be organized:

  • Which pins are best for me - will make no surreptitious
  • What font is the most authentic - must fit me
  • How to paint hands - I still can not
  • What symbols do I need - develop a symbolic language. I have one already
  • How do I use colors - I like it colorful
  • On what I paint - Cards, A4 and flipcharts
  • What do I do with the images - keep them
  • How do I train my skills - many, many courses to get ideas

What can you book?

  • Graphic Recording: The picture of your meeting or event
  • Graphic facilitation: The documentation for your internal processes
  • Visual Coach: You and I in a thought process or exchange Passions can infect.

Would you like to be infected by the virus of visualization, then contact me or call me or Ms. Johnson at: ++49 5235 503 284